The MACCLESFIELD OPEN ART EXHIBITION began in 2013. Originally planned to feature in the town’s Barnaby Festival in June, it became instead an independent annual exhibition held at the end of the year at the Macclesfield Silk Museum which, following the enlargement and refurbishment of the gallery in 2014, provided a superb setting for an outstanding exhibition of artistic talent from across the North-West and North Midlands.

Unfortunately, due to the re-organisation of Macclesfield Museums in 2018, the Silk Museum gallery will no longer be available for exhibitions. As there is no suitable, alternative venue in the town, the 2018 Macclesfield Open Art Exhibition has had to be cancelled.

The closure of West Park Museum to carry out vital refurbishments and the withdrawal from the ground and basement floors of the Old Sunday School has meant that the first floor gallery at the Silk Museum can no longer be used for exhibitions but instead will be used to house some of what was previously stored and displayed at the other venues.

It is very much hoped that this will be merely a temporary halt and that in future years - maybe even next year - space will again be available and the exhibition can be revived. Certainly this is the wish of Emma Anderson, the interim director of the museums. Whether her successor will feel the same remains to be seen.