The MACCLESFIELD OPEN ART EXHIBITION was founded by 2 local artists, Geoff Archer and Pat Havis, and was run as a non profit-making event with the help of a team of volunteers. Beginning in 2013, the exhibition ran for five years. However, following the reorganization of Macclesfield Museums in 2018, the Silk Museum’s gallery, where the exhibition had been held, could no longer be used and lacking a suitable alternative venue the 2017-18 exhibition was to be the last. Or so we thought.

The closure of galleries and cancellation of exhibitions because of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the only shows which could be held were online. The decision was therefore made to revive the Open in 2020 as what was intended as a one-off virtual show to raise money for East Cheshire Hospice. Rather than being charged an entry fee, artists who submitted work to the online exhibition were asked to make a donation to the hospice and a considerable sum of money was raised.

When the 2020 Macclesfield Open online Art Exhibition ended it was assumed that a follow-up in 2021 would not be needed. Things would be back to normal and ‘real’ exhibitions would again be the order of the day.

In fact exhibitions continued to be cancelled or postponed, including the Art Fair Cheshire would have raised thousands of pounds for East Cheshire Hospice. It was the postponement of this show which led to the decision to hold another online Macclesfield Open in 2021, again to raise money for the hospice.

420 works were submitted in 2021 and all were included in the exhibition. The names of all artists who took part in the show are listed on the following page.


East Cheshire Hospice was founded in 1988 to care for people with life-limiting illnesses. 83% of their income comes from donations. The hospice continues to need your support and if you wish to make a donation you can do so by clicking on the link below. Thank you.