1 September - 31 October 2021

When last year’s Macclesfield Open online art exhibition ended it was assumed that a follow-up in 2021 would not be needed. Things would be back to normal and ‘real’ exhibitions would again be the order of the day.

In fact exhibitions continue to be cancelled or postponed, including the Art Fair Cheshire which raises thousands of pounds for East Cheshire Hospice, money the hospice will not now receive. It was the postponement of this show which led to the decision to hold another online Macclesfield Open this year. By asking artists who submitted work to make a donation to the hospice, last year’s exhibition raised a considerable sum and it was hoped that another exhibition this year would do the same. It has.

The response has been extremely heartening and we would like to thank everybody who, by submitting their work, has made this exhibition a success. All of the 420 works submitted have been included in the exhibition.

Much of the work is for sale and many of the artists have pledged to make further donations to the hospice in lieu of the usual commission. So the more works sold, the more money will be raised. If you wish to make a purchase please contact us via the email address info@maccopen.org.uk

If you enjoy the exhibition, and I’m sure you will, we hope you will consider making your own donation to East Cheshire Hospice. You can do so by clicking on the link below. Thank you for your support.